well, Mr. Keanu Charles Reeves, you have a notable and extensive dating history.

Charlize is incredible.  She speaks Afrikaans and also has a notable dating history.  Sandy is incredible as well.  So are your Jennifers.  And of course, your other wyfe, Winona... i thinke you do 3 films w/Winona — Bramstoker's Dracula, Destination Wedding, and anudder...

And u also date Sofia Coppola... *ooer*

I woulde date u if I am Seneca Davies, but u wouldn't be the ONLY I'm dating....

b/c I barely noes yo ass... I lyke making 'frenz'... dat's why no matter how much hate my frenz throw at me, in teh end they have nutin but luv for my ass, mfers

Mean tweets mfers


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