Mi Nombre

Gonna change it legally to Seneca Allaire Emma Ruth Zerna Concepción Jessica Pavino Roxanne Fairwells Valeria Zara Persephone Schoen Meagan Margaux Geraldine Davies.

Jessica Pavino — my alt ego 'Jessa'

Roxanne — teh name i go by when i'm out w/my girls and guys hit me up and ask for my name and number... I tell 'em my name is Roxanne and give 'em the number to Mickey D's... ahahahhaha

Fairwells — my Bond name

Valeria, Zara, Persphone — my Terris creations

Schoen, Meagan, Margaux, Geraldine — German, Irish, French — names my mother consider naming me...ahahahahaha

13/4, 333/9 (angel), 13/4

excellente yo... mudderf-


[edit] I consider the x in Margaux a Vowel b/c it's pronounce mar go

It's debatable, but in this case it's a vowel


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