shitty humans

I did nae go thru hell and back and waged battle every day for 48 years to sacrifice my integrity and settle for the asshole, Montaign Louis Ordonez Gamino.

I did nae suffer indignities and cruelty so that I can go back and experience it all over again.  If you treat me unkindly, I remove my presence PERMANENTLY.

I don't ask questions.  I just disappear FOREVER.

I rationalize that there are over 7 billion souls in thise worlde alone, why shoulde I waste my time on pieces of shit.  Just disappear and fynde better humans.  Nae gonna tolerate shitty humans.  I move on and never return.  EVER.

Don't waste any of my time you bitchass clown asses.

You fuck me over, I fucking leave w/o a word.

oh, merry xmas mfers.


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