XMas Reflections

There have been definitive moments in my lyfe where my lyfe could've change directions if tragedy didn't strike

1983 — Sexually molested by my older cousin

May 1984 — My parents decide not to relocate to CA because my mother doesn't waent to move.  Destroyed a better lyfe for myself.

September 1990 — the rape that destroyed my academic career, my bright future, and nearly my soul and self-respect

September 1994 — I don't do the Beatnutz video because Montaign forbids me from acting.  Destroyed my possible career in Show Biz.

September 1996 — the breakup that destroyed my happily ever after

May 2003 — Jason.  Lost Walter.  

October 2003-March 2004 — PTSD becoming Bipolar

June 2006 — my mother's aneurysm which destroyed my ability to continue going to law school and becoming an attorney and possibly remarrying and having children

April 2015 — Michael's death.  Which nearly destroyed my faith in humanity and my will to live... destroyed my dreams of spending the remaining years of my lyfe w/my best frend.

2016-2017 - Losing my teeth

November 2018 — Mother's Death.  Broke my heart.  I lost the woman who loves me the best and most.  Nearly lost my soul.


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