XMas Reflections

First of all I don't give a damn about my looks.  I'm 48.  I've done hair and makeup every day for 46 years.  I'm basically a middle age man who decides not to cut his hair for two years and grows a nasty beard and develops a big gut.  ahahahahahahahaha

I don't give a damn if they thinke I'm pretty or not.  I have other concerns.

I doan noes if many are in the XMas spirit with this f-ing COVID and it's f-ing mutations.  Damn that Muderf-

I'm concern about financial security.

I'm nae looking for true love.  I already found it when I'm 22.  And I lost it at 24.  I bottled those tymes in wine bottles — 1994, 1995, 1996,  Excellent vintage yo.  Mudderf- ahahahahahaha


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