philosophical and humanist

I have a very hands-off approach to all the skullduggery that goes on behind my back.

I'm verra philosophical and have a humanistic approach to lyfe.

If you hurt me, I disappear.  I never stay where I'm nae wanted.  Terris learns that firsthand.  I defriended them all and deleted my accounts and disappeared.  Only WDA do I keep in contact with.  If you disrespect me and treat me poorly, I'm gone.  No questions asked.  Just poof I'm gone.

There are no guarantees in lyfe.  The only thinge that is guaranteed is you get to die.  As for everything else, it's lyke that '50s film — 'Anythinge goes'...  And I mean anythinge *grins*
Don't be too attached to personal possessions, either tangible and intangible... they can be taken from you at any given moment.

Take good care of your adult teeth.

Get a puppy.



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