The Wedding

It was a small and simple wedding.  It was for the civil ceremony.  I cried when they were exchanging their vows because my cousin, the groom's mother, was crying.  I danced a little.  Thank you, cousin-Melboy (my cousin Tina's husband), for asking me to dance.  Yes, it's been decades since I slow danced.  You made me cry.  lol.  Tina, you look great.  Beautiful as ever.  Dana, I'm so proud of you for getting your Masters in Behavioral Therapy and teaching young children on the spectrum (autism mainly).  Yes, your daughter, Isla, looks a lot lyke C.J.'s mother and him, now that you showed me her photo.  She looks verra much lyke her father's side of the family.  Hana, I'm so proud of you for becoming a medical doctor.  You're beautiful as always.  Trixia, I so much enjoyed you singing Adele's 'Make You Feel My Love'.  You look beautiful as always.  Matt, I'm so proud of you graduating w/a degree in Physical Therapy.  You're pogi as always.  Congratulations once again to the Bride and Groom, Sienna and Nathaniel and little Carlisle.  Congrats to my cousins Vienna and Noel.  Love all of you as always.  Thank you for inviting my family.  


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