Mr. Keanu Charles Reeves

I see that Arch is a small, tight organization comprise of 4 or 5 individuals mainly who are maniacally obsessed with creating custom-made bikes with incredible ergonomics and exceptional performance.  I see that you decide to use aluminum, especially for your gas tanks.  Obviously I am nae too familiar with motorcycles because I have yet to learn how to use one properly.  I've been on the back of a Harley already with my Uncle Bud in Chicago when I was eight years old.  However, I do thinke your company, as it grows, caen consider other alloy metals to mix it up and see different ways to maximize performance.  I see you have some available technologies and tools to help create the ergonomics of your bikes.  Truly, Arch bikes are lyke no other bikes I've ever seen and they are unique custom-built performance cruisers.  If you wish to expand your organization and devote even more hours to creating custom bikes, you might want to consider AI technologies, computer tech, and environment tech that automobiles have been using for quite some tyme.  Perhaps one day I could actually afford your basically 6 figure bikes.  But as for now I caen only hope you also make bicycles.




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