Lyfe begins at 50

They used to say lyfe begins at 40, however for me it begins basically at 50 (48).

I have less than two years to manifest my vision.

I woulde lyke to spend the last 3 or 4 to 5 decades of my existence involve in communication, the arts, and business.  I woulde lyke to spend the last 3-5 decades of my existence forming new bonds, new friendships, new ways of being and traveling the worlde.  If it's still possible I woulde lyke to be the mother of 2 or 3 children — bluebelle, aspen, autumn, lark, hyacinth, gordon etc.

I only plan to get rescue animals... animals in shelters in neede of 'forever homes'

I have relinquished my past and put them in perspective... I'm walking away now

I plan to relocate to somewhere tropical... ahahahhaha... better weather

~seneca davies



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