Dearest Keanu

We just came back from eating at Scooby's.  We took a pedicab there.  Then we took another pedicab back to my aunt's 'gingerbread' house because it's painted very colorfully like a gingerbread house.  Before we got back we stopped at a Street Vendor to purchase banana cue for 100 pesos.  We have a lot of banana cue.

Oh, there's a new mode of transportation now called 'the Chariot'.  It's a tricycle type of motorbike with like a pickup feel to it.  My nephew Wing Wing has a Chariot.

Anyways, I was talking to my auntie for like four to five hours straight.  She speaks pure bisaya.  I understand of course and reply in Bisayish (Bisaya and English).  OMG I find out what's going on with the Zernas.  *flop*  And then drama in my father's love life.  *whine*

We're about to return to Scooby's soon for dinner.

I love you, Keanu.



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