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Hi, my name is Emma Ruth Allaire Zerna Concepción.  However, I plan to legally change my name to  Emma Ruth  Jessica Pavino Roxanne Fairwells Aine Arista Paris Macintyre Merrick Susanno Reeves Davies Maria Isabella Seneca Allaire Valeria Zara Persephone Schoen Meagan Margaux Geraldine Zerna Concepción.  Professionally in the Arts, I would just go as Emmaruth Zerna Concepción.  But my nickname would be "Ruthie".   I'm basically Filipina.  However, I am mixed with Spaniard, Portuguese, English, Scottish, Irish, Chinese, Native American Indian (especially Inuit), and African and possibly Hawaiian .  That's why when they see me, they always ask me what am I.  They usually thinke I'm half Asian and half European.  I am a Hapa. "Filipina, Native American Indian, Hawaiian, African, Latina, Asian, Slavic, Scandinavian, Caribbean, Mediterranean, American."

If you read all this and I pique your interest, feel free to add me.  I always add back :)  Just comment here to let me know you added me.  Thanks <3

My other journals are fairwells and [personal profile] emmereeves [personal profile] emmaruth.  I'm fond of using this journal for now *grin*  And of course senecadavies

I'm 48 years young. *grin*  I graduate from St. Aloysius (grammar and junior high), Dominican Academy (H.S.), and Columbia University.  I graduate from college with a degree in Political Science and Economics.  I almost minored in Spanish.  I also attended New York University where I was a Communications major and a Trustee's Scholar.  I also attended CUNY — Staten Island Community College where I was Pre-Med with a minor in Art.  I also attended Pace University where I was a Political Science major.  And I have my certification as an Airline Ticketing Agent from the Travel Institute of New York.  It took me a long time to graduate from college *grin*

I have a colorful childhood and formative years.  The multiple schools I attended is because I kept flunking out *grin*  It's because I have a mental illness diagnosis of Bipolar I disorder.  I was date raped twice when I was 18 and had an occassion when I was 11 by an older cousin.  It started out as PTSD, but then untreated it became Bipolar I.  I am much healthier mentally and emotionally these days because I've been in therapy since 2004.

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